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LDK-Studio Triax Set
consisting of BTS LDK 4629/00 OCP, BTS LDK 4053/29
base station, BTS LDK 4016/05 viewfinder 7,
BTS LDK scriptboard, used
10 500,00
LDK-ENG Triax Set
consisting of BTS LDK 4629/00 OCP, BTS LDK 4053/29
base station, BTS LDK 10p/07 camera head,
BTS LDK 4309/20 viewfinder 5, BTS LDK 6985/21
scriptboard, used
9 900,00
Canon Lens Kit
consisting of Canon PJ21x7B EFP studio lens,
Canon ZDJ-A01 EFP zoom panel,
Canon FDJ-I01 EFP focus panel, used
11 980,00
Canon Lens Kit
consisting of Canon J20x7, 5B EFP studio lens,
Canon ZDJ-A01 EFP zoom panel,
Canon FDJ-I01 EFP focus panel, used
10 980,00
Fujinon A15 x 8 BEVM-28
Asph. Te. m. Ext. 7/8-120 mm, used
3 900,00
Fujinon A15 x 8 BDEVM-28 8-120 mm
4 350,00
Canon J15Ax8 B4 IAS SX 12 8-120 mm
3 950,00
Canon ZSD 300M zoom handle
Canon FPD-400 focus controller
The Canon FPD-400 is a focus positional servo demand
designed for Canon lens controller kits, including the
SS-410, SS-41-20, SS-420, SS-42-20, SS-41-IAS and SS-42-IAS.
The controller provides precision focus control and is useful
in a variety ofprofessional broadcast applications,
including live event coverage and sports.
1 300,00
Tektronix measuring bridge
consisting of Tektronix WFM 601E and
Tektronix 1751A, used
4 400,00
Tektronix SPG 422 component digitally sync generator
5 800,00
Sachtler Pedestal Vario PED 2-75
10 600,00
Sony DVW-500P Digital Betacam studio recorder
Digital Betacam Editing Recorder (digital only). Coefficient
recording (component digital), playback of digital Betacam
recordings only, pre-read audio and video capability,SMPTE 259M
serial digital V/A interface, built-in analog video and audio
interfaces, optional composite analog input, 4:3 and 16:9 capability.
Cassette dimensions same asanalog Betacam SP, maximum
record/play time: small cassette - 40 minutes; large cassette -
124 minutes, dynamic tracking at -1 to +3 times normal speed,
digital jog sound for precise audio monitoring, video program play
at +/- 15% in 0.1% steps, audio pitch correction option for program
play, 10 bit 4:2:2 serial digital interface and processing, four
editable 20 bit digital audio channels, high speed shuttle with
picture, 50 times normal speed, same machine size as BVW series
Betacam, built-in AES/EBU digital audio interfaces.
9 000,00
Sony DVW-A510P
Superb Picture Quality
High Quality Digital Audio
Betacam SP Playback Capability
Versatile Integration into Current Analog Systems
Digital Jog Sound
Automatic Alignment Systems
Reliable Tape Transport
Channel Condition Monitoring
Audio Monitoring
Specifically designed for easy integration into existing analog
Systems. The DVW-A510 has a three-color channel condition
indicator, each color representing a particular error rate threshold
Level. The DVW-A510 uses the Digital Betacam component digital
recording format which provides superb picture quality and
multi-generation capability to overcome the limitations of analog
Recording. The tape transport mechanism of the DVW-A510 is
designed for precision and robustness.
The DVW-A510 is fitted with the Automatic Alignment System to
ensure the accurate reproduction of digital data.
A matrix of push buttons is provided for audio monitor switching.
7 800,00
Panorama dtv MON2-3W
Compact Dual-Standart Dual 7 Widescreen 16:9
LCD Color Monitor
Dual 7 LCD Color Video Monitor
Adjustable Screen Angle for Efficient Viewing
Screens display 16:9 and 4:3 with front panel selection
Two Composite Video Inputs with Loop-Though
Optional Additional Composite Inputs for A/B Switching (Optional
Remote Capability) Optional (Field Installable) SDI Input Module
With reclocked SDI and Converted Analog Monitoring Outputs
RGB Inputs available as an Optional Extra
Mix & Match Analog and Digital Video Inputs
Front Panel Trim Pot Control for Color, Tint/Hue, Contrast And
Brightness. Compact 3U, 9 Deep and Lightweight
Dual Standard NTSC/PAL Auto-Sensing With Front Panel Indication
Red/Green Tally Lights
Minimal Power Dissipation for a Low Operating Temperature
Low Power Consumption
Front Panel A/B Switching with Remote Capability
Internal Universal AC Mains Power Supply
2 000,00
TV one 1T-C2-511 Converter HD-SDI to DVI + Audio
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Total:98 280,00
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. (+49)6023/31673;
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